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Mafia Wars Energy – Use it Wisely

In a recent playing of Mafia Wars it was discovered that when using energy packs a lot of energy was going unused because of how close a player was to leveling up in relation to their Experience Points (EP).  Many had been using their energy  at the slow true rate of 1 Energy (E) to […]

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Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot

First things first.  Some people have noticed that the links that had been posted in Bobby Heartrate’s Mafia Tools do not work any longer.   For example the “FreeGift” bookmarklet doesn’t work at all and “AttakSpree” was also having some issues if you didn’t update your links since another programer, Vern Hart, updated his bookmarklet […]

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Bobby Heartrate’s Mafia Tools

With the all the weapons and armor that are available to those in Mafia Wars any help, any edge that one can have while playing within the games parameters is a significant help.  Let’s be honest, the very act of trying to find Mafia War cheats or Mafia War cheat strategies is at the heart […]

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