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Day 2 and 3 – 100DTD Challenge (Physical)

Day 2  Walked/Ran with Kelly.  She improved her time by 1 second.  I did 6 sets of push-ups (20,12,7) in regular and wide positions.  Also did 100 crunches. Day 3 Leg raises 6 inches off the floor (3 sets – one minute each) 5 sets of frog stand for 30 or more seconds Standing Dumb-bell […]

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Friday, the 21st of November

Today is – I Walked to Work and It’s #!%$* Snowing Outside!!!! My normal 15 minute commute takes about an hour walking. It snowed about three-quarters of the way but overall aside from stepping into a puddle I didn’t see, it was a good walk to work. Why did I walk to work? Well, the […]

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