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Mafia Wars – A secret about Vern’s Mafia Wars Tool

Thanks to my lovely wife, who also plays Mafia Wars, I found a new use for one of Vern’s Mafia Wars Tools. For more info on using Vern’s bookmarklets see my previous post: Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot The tool I’m actually speaking of is: AttackSpree.  Vern based the AttackSpree bookmarklet on Spockholm’s […]

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Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot

First things first.  Some people have noticed that the links that had been posted in Bobby Heartrate’s Mafia Tools do not work any longer.   For example the “FreeGift” bookmarklet doesn’t work at all and “AttakSpree” was also having some issues if you didn’t update your links since another programer, Vern Hart, updated his bookmarklet […]

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