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100DTD Challenge (Physical Day 4)

Tang Soo Do Regular width Push-ups: 3 Sets of push-ups (8, 7, 6) In tonight’s two, 1 hour classes, we concentrated on stances, blocks, and perfecting the power of our kicks.  We also worked on forms and Master Marsh really stressed how important the basics are.  It really hit home how simply the practice of […]

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Day 2 and 3 – 100DTD Challenge (Physical)

Day 2  Walked/Ran with Kelly.  She improved her time by 1 second.  I did 6 sets of push-ups (20,12,7) in regular and wide positions.  Also did 100 crunches. Day 3 Leg raises 6 inches off the floor (3 sets – one minute each) 5 sets of frog stand for 30 or more seconds Standing Dumb-bell […]

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