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Mafia Wars – A secret about Vern’s Mafia Wars Tool

Thanks to my lovely wife, who also plays Mafia Wars, I found a new use for one of Vern’s Mafia Wars Tools. For more info on using Vern’s bookmarklets see my previous post: Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot The tool I’m actually speaking of is: AttackSpree.  Vern based the AttackSpree bookmarklet on Spockholm’s […]

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Mafia Wars – The Inside Story

Welcome to Mafia War Cheats! Mafia War has truly become a hit as social networking game.  The draw to the game?  Another way to interact in a Web 2.0 environment that allows the players to make insane amounts of money, rob other players, build property and business empires, and kill other players.  In short, anything […]

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