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Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot

First things first.  Some people have noticed that the links that had been posted in Bobby Heartrate’s Mafia Tools do not work any longer.   For example the “FreeGiftbookmarklet doesn’t work at all and “AttakSpree” was also having some issues if you didn’t update your links since another programer, Vern Hart, updated his bookmarklet script on Friday.  As Vern mentions on his page, “It would appear that Zynga has made more changes that make FreeGift fail, again. I can’t seem to work around it. Don’t ask me when I’ll update it to work. Unless Zynga changes something back, FreeGift is no more.” So until you see an update, here or on Vern’s page, it looks like everyone is going to have to rely on the mafia family to send items that one needs!  Kinda takes one back to those college days when notes of “Send Money” went home with the dirty laundry, doesn’t?

Now on the good stuff!  And yes this comes to press late, but oh well, everyone has until Monday to collect so hopefully this will help some out.

Here is the complete run down of all the items that one can collect as part of the 4th of July Loot!

Loot List:



Flintlock Pistols
14 Attack 6 Defense

4 Attack 16 Defense

33 Attack 7 Defense

25 Attack 5 Defense

17 Attack 13 Defense



Red Coat
8 Attack 32 Defense

Tri-Point Hat
8 Attack 12 Defense

Davey Crockett Hat
21 Attack 9 Defense

Some are posting that the best way to do the “Mugging” (Street Thug Tier) until you get them all.  This as been met with different results across the net.  Many have gone about their business as usual and picked up all if not most of the items listed here.  Yours truly has picked up all but the Cannon.  These results came from a test of using the “Mugging” method with no results, but rather just robbing, fighting, and doing jobs as normal.

Good luck with your looting!

Love your family, watch your enemies, and choose your alliances carefully!

Ciao ~

Bobby Heartrate’s Mafia Tools

With the all the weapons and armor that are available to those in Mafia Wars any help, any edge that one can have while playing within the games parameters is a significant help.  Let’s be honest, the very act of trying to find Mafia War cheats or Mafia War cheat strategies is at the heart of getting ahead as a mafia member!  This in essence is what Bobby Heartrate has set out to provide with his bookmarklet tools.  (This is just one of the tools one can find in the forum that was mentioned in: Mafia Wars – The Inside Story) For those that don’t know what a bookmarklet is, read more about them in the Wikipedia article To jump to what Bobby has done go directly to:  Be sure to bookmark his page and be sure to mention you were referred to him from Mafia War Cheats.  It would be very much appreciated! The beauty of using Heartrate’s Mafia Tools is that it’s so simple! If you use Firefox simply do the following:

  1. Make sure that ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ is enabled.
  2. Drag the links from Bobby Heartrate’s bookmarklet page to your toolbar… For example, click “Switch Profile” and HOLD mouse button, drag it to the toolbar, then release. You should have a “Switch Profile” link in your toolbar.
  3. Now, use like this: Go to a profile page.  Then press “Switch Profile”.  And with that, away you go!

For those of you still stuck in Internet Explorer (yes I am biased towards Firefox and No don’t go now putting a hit out on me)  you’ll have to instead do this:

  1. Right-click on the bookmarklet
  2. Pick “Add to Favorites…”
  3. You’ll be asked “You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?”. Answer “Yes” if you trust Bobby Heartrate.  (If in doubt, take a look at this picture, and ask yourself: Would that guy lie to you? Would a good-lookin’ giraffe like that fool you into installing malware on your computer?)
  4. In the next dialog, under “Create in” pick “Links” – that’s your toolbar. Click “Add”.
  5. Now you are ready to go and have another strategy added to your “Mafia War cheats”

Disclaimer – As with anything in the Mafia, doing things that push the edge of what other families find “acceptable” puts one under scrutiny.  If you choose to use Heartrate’s Mafia Tools you do so at your own risk and Mafia War Cheats and Damank, Inc take no responsibility for what might happen if you use them.  To date many have benefited from these tools.

Love your family, watch your enemies, and choose your alliances carefully!

Ciao ~

Mafia Wars – The Inside Story

Welcome to Mafia War Cheats!

Mafia War has truly become a hit as social networking game.  The draw to the game?  Another way to interact in a Web 2.0 environment that allows the players to make insane amounts of money, rob other players, build property and business empires, and kill other players.  In short, anything that you can think the mafia has/can/does participate in – You can do it in zynga’s Mafia Wars!

Ok, enough of an introduction to the game that so many people are already be playing.  Let’s get to highlights, tips and tricks, and things that players from around the globe have found very helpful to survive and thrive in Mafia Wars!

A very basic strategy and fundamental truth in building a Mafia empire is to concentrate on building a strong Mafia family and growing the wealth of that family!  Beyond this basic concept all players should if nothing less bookmark: Top Mafia – Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc –

Free Godfather Points!

If you are looking for Godfather Points there is a one time handout that the Godfather will give you!  Again this is a one time gift from your “Uncle Anthony” so use it carefully (Go to this link and you will receive 5 god father points if you didn’t received it yet) –

This should keep the new player busy for a little bit so until next time, Ciao!

Why did the fox cross the road?

I had just recently bought a car that I liked a lot and was at this point still separated from my wife. I had a couple of days before I was about to put down a deposit for a nice two bedroom apartment and was for all appearances excited about my life. Inside though, Christ was working in me and He would show this in a very interesting way one particular morning as I was driving to work.

I must digress for a moment though and explain some background. This was the second time that my wife and I had separated because of my indiscretions. I had this time been spending my nights alone. My parents had been gracious enough to allow me to reside basically at a location that I should not have been staying at. Nothing illegal mind you, just probably against certain lease agreements.

During this period I had a lot of time to read and think. God had a lot of time for me to have little to do but have a listening ear to His voice as well. I tried to fight it, but as demonstrated with Jacob wrestling with God, Genesis 32:23-34, God had the upper hand (pun unintended). Much of the work that God was doing in my life I truly believe was because of the prayer that my beautiful wife, even in the darkest moments of the storm, kept offering up in faith and in love to my Father above. And she let me know she was doing so and I kept telling her to stop. It was pointless, or so I wanted her to believe. But, she didn’t. It just made her pray all the more for me! On one of the days that we arranged to meet so that I could spend time with our five kids she even gave me the book by Josh Hamilton, Beyond Belief, along with a copy of the service that some of my friends from our local church, Hope Community Church, had recorded. At the time she gave it to me I was frankly angry that she done this for me and told her she was stupid for doing so. Needless to say she didn’t appreciate that. What do you know? Two weeks later I was reading it and shortly after reading it the fox ran across the road as I was heading to work.

That morning I woke up at my normal time of 6:30am. I had thrown on my clothes after rolling off the couch, brushed my teeth, folded up my sleeping bag and stashed it and my pillow behind the couch and the love seat that I had been calling “my pad.”

I took US 1 out of Apex instead of my usual route of driving the back streets. My commute of less than 10 minutes was uneventful until I was on the main street leading into my office complex in Cary, North Carolina. Out of the corner of my left eye I saw a streak of red come out from the woods. It was a slim, sleek fox! It was so cool looking. The auburn coat and white underbelly, it’s tail strait out as it ran! I had never seen a fox outside of a museum, zoo or dead on the side of the road. It darted across my driving path and other commuters, as well as myself, were forced to brake so as not to hit it. The fox survived the crossing and I continued on my way wondering how many times the fox had and would try to make the crossing of this road and others in it’s territory.

As I was pulling into my parking place, God in no uncertain terms spoke to me. It wasn’t a voice booming out of the clouds but it was His voice! How many times are you going to stray from that which I have blessed you? How many close calls will you have to witness before you realize that I am protecting you, even when you are straying from me. The fast lane of this World offers much but it can take much from you. Stop straying out into the road that the World has to offer! I have so much more to give to you but you must make the choice to come back to Me!

Hearing this was almost too much for me to handle. I prayed then and there, repenting for my selfish actions, my self centered lustful thoughts, my focus on me and no one else. The prayer wasn’t on my knees, it was an internal crying out to God as a re-dedication of my life to His will. Shortly after walking into my office building and heading to the gym area to take a shower and change into my work clothes, I was on the phone with my wife. It was a call I hadn’t thought I would ever have made. It was a phone call of apology, of an earnest plea to allow me to fight for our love. It was a cry to her that I was serious about the marriage vows that I had made, but for most of our marriage didn’t take seriously. I was done with blaming her and saying if “You hadn’t done ___ I wouldn’t have done ____!” I was ready to rededicate my love to her and to our family. I was ready to show her through my actions that things would be different. It was a call that changed my life and it goes to show you that when God works in someones life, things can change drastically and dramatically!

A couple days later I took the US 1 route to work. As I approached the area I had seen the fox dart across the road I saw it again! This time though it was dead. How pleased was I to have the realization that I was back where God intended for me to be. That my journey with Him was reestablished. I knew the work ahead of me to right the wrong to those that I hurt would be difficult but I knew that all things are possible with God who gives me strength! Matthew 19:26

So my brothers and sisters in Christ, do not give up on those that you pray for. Do not waiver in your faith that He who knows all things and directs the very symphony of the universe will work in your life and the lives that you pray for. I do implore you in this. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated or cast down by those members, perhaps even those in your very family. Connect with those Believers around you and find those that you may trust. Gather together and pray that God would lead you in the path that He wants for your life and trust Him to work in the lives of those that may have even done you wrong. Even in writing this I pray for you that I don’t know and for those that you pray for.

A Witness to the Power of Prayer

Whether you are a follower of Christ or you are one seeking the Truth, the power of prayer, of earnest prayer will transform your life and those around you. It wasn’t until I had hit my personal and spiritual rock bottom did I even begin to understand the power of prayer and the role it would play in my life.

I was, in my opinion, doing pretty well. I had a respectable job, I went to church, I had accepted Christ as my personal Savior when I was 5, had grown up in the church, and I was a decent guy. Yeah, I know I wasn’t perfect, but again – I thought I was doing pretty well. But I was lying to myself and those around me.

Let this be message of hope to you the praying parent, to you the praying spouse, to you the sibling on your knees, to you the friend praying before the Lord – interceding on someones behalf. I am walking testament and there are many others that can attest to their lives being changed l because of prayers such as yours. Do not give up on us. Do not give up on the Lord our God who can do anything! I was steeped in sin and it was through the power of prayer of those Christians that knew of my story and the story of my wife and God using a red fox running across the road to change my life.

Friday, the 6th of March

I was planning on riding into work today since it was supposed to be very nice. But with my working at AE today it didn’t make sense to do so.

Since I have a dentist appointment on Monday, working at AE on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and doing Tang Soo Do on Wednesday it does not look like I’ll be riding at all next week. *Sigh

Oh well…making the owners of the fuel companies richer 😉

Tuesday, the 25th of November

Rode into day and it was actually very nice for a late fall morning. It had rained last night and very early this morning but the clouds had already pretty well scattered by the time I began my commute. Weather report said that it was 42 degrees but felt like 40 degrees Fahrenheit and I would agree.

Monday, 24th of November

Rode into work this morning. Weather report said it was 30 but felt like 35 degrees. I listened to it twice and I beg to differ!!! It was cold! The weather report said it is supposed to rain later this afternoon/evening, so hopefully I’ll dodge it on my way back. It is also supposed to rain tomorrow morning. Ugh!

In the neighborhood that I ride through before getting into the office park there is a little valley and all of the lawns were covered in frost. I hadn’t seen that until today on my commute.

Once I got into the office part the lake was beautiful this morning! With the early morning sun coming through the trees and the steam coming off the lake, it was very picturesque. As I pass the Canadian geese that have made there home here a bunch of them honked as I bothered them in their morning routine.

In closing – I have started a slight cough last night and feel a little off this morning. Hopefully it’s nothing but that will remain to be seen.