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Cool Music Videos

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have put up some cool videos so today I have included 3 of my favorite music videos.

This first one is by a band that some of you may or may not know of: Newsboys.  The song is called Something Beautiful and really pulls at my heart for it really just points to the simple point – That love, true genuine, unconditional love is something truly beautiful.  Take a look.

This next video is by U2 and in my opinion is their very best song of all time.  More »

Helping People That Suffer From NBIA

There are some things I could care less about and there are many things I care deeply about.  One thing I am passionate about is summarized in the letter that I have attached below from one of my co-workers.  Please read and consider the difference you could make for Kevin and individuals like him that suffer from NBIA (Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation). More »

Mafia Wars – A secret about Vern’s Mafia Wars Tool

Thanks to my lovely wife, who also plays Mafia Wars, I found a new use for one of Vern’s Mafia Wars Tools. For more info on using Vern’s bookmarklets see my previous post: Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot

Kelly Rogers

My beautiful wife, Kelly Rogers

The tool I’m actually speaking of is: AttackSpree.  Vern based the AttackSpree bookmarklet on Spockholm’s Attack5 (which was later replaced by AttackX).  In his words, “I wanted to be able to use all of my stamina on an opponent. Also, I wanted better visibility of how my health/stamina/cash/xp were doing so I update those as they change.”  Whether or not Vern intended the tool to be used as I am about to describe, remains to be seen (Vern, your comments are welcome). More »

What can you do in Northern Michigan? Part 1

Sun sets over West Bay in Traverse City, Michigan

Sun sets over West Bay in Traverse City, Michigan

That was the question for me the seven years that we lived up there.  Now that we have moved away and I look at Michigan with a different perspective, there is a lot to do, you just have to know the right people and know where to look! More »

Playing with Video

While I have been on vacation I have been looking around the net for a way to incorporate video into my blogs and so far I have found two – one old school and one that I think is much better for viewership within a blog:

This video has been up for about a month, but since I’m experimenting with inputting video into my blog and because it is so wicked cool I thought I’d use the same one for both examples!

This first attempt is what appears to be just a text link using the built in tools on WordPress (old school):


This second attempt is using a plugin called Youtuber (way cooler):

This second attempt is much better in my opinion since it allows the video to be played directly from ones blog.  For more information on this plugin go to:

What plugins do you use for your readers to watch videos posted within your blog?  Please post your comments!

At Cousin Jenny’s eating a ste…


At Cousin Jenny’s eating a steak pastie and having a smoothy in Traverse City, MI

Mafia Wars Energy – Use it Wisely

In a recent playing of Mafia Wars it was discovered that when using energy packs a lot of energy was going unused because of how close a player was to leveling up in relation to their Experience Points (EP).  Many had been using their energy  at the slow true rate of 1 Energy (E) to 1 EP or a 1:1 ratio.  This was discovered to obviously take takes some time but still usable if the player took a quick look at their profile and did some quick math.  More »