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Moments Like These

There are times in your life when you look back and reflect on an event that you only realize in hindsight the impact that one event had on your life. I’ve had many such events happen in my life. There are only a few events in my life, however, that I had an epiphany that […]

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Social Experiment – In search of the names and stories of 8 boys

Have you ever looked at a photograph in a magazine or in an art gallery, seen some unnamed person in the photo, and said to yourself, “I wonder whatever happened to them. I wonder what their story is. I wonder where they ended up?”  I have, ever since I was young I loved going through […]

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Crowdsourcing on Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter

Recently a co-worker of mine asked me to leverage social interaction on the internet to get some ideas for an entertaining motivational speaker.  Being the social media proponent that I am, I readily agreed and thought that this would be a great opportunity to see how Google+ and Linkedin would stack up against each other […]

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