domingo rogers: Capturing Life in the Fullest


Domingo Rogers, known to his friends and family as either Mingo or Dom, is consistently knowledgeable, consultative, credible, and an individual that tackles all tasks with dedication and persistence.

In March of 2006,  when the economy began to slip in Michigan, Domingo moved his wife and five kids to North Carolina where he had recently landed a ground-breaking position as Training Advisor in a North East territory at Global Knowledge, Inc (a leader in Information Technology, Business Process and Project Management training).  For two years he worked as an IT Training Advisor assisting individuals and companies within portions of New York in the process of scheduling knowledge training or certification preparation courses. Here he made a strong emphasis on bettering his negotiation skills with upper level management customers (CEO’s, CIO’s, and VP’s).  He also dealt with middle management customer contacts in helping them maximize their available training budgets by utilizing savings programs and limited promotions. Through building strong relationships with his customers and leveraging economy of scale Domingo was able to ramp up his sales territory and gain a firm foundation within Global Knowledge’s corporate structure.

After establishing himself as a key Training Advisor for public enrollment at Global Knowledge, Domingo was promoted to join the Enterprise Sales team.  Here he focused on working with department managers and project leaders to deliver tailored and customized training for groups at customer locations.  With a year of working with this division of Global Knowledge, Domingo moved into a role in the Mid-Atlantic region where he achieved a one-hundred+ percentage of quota by the end of September 2010!  With these achievements and that of continuing his personal and corporate growth, he turned his focus to and landed the position of ARRA Program Analyst.

As a ARRA Program Analyst, Domingo closed out 2010 with the focus of helping other teams, throughout Global Knowledge, to aggressively hunt and land opportunities that had been previously overlooked and under pursued.   Many governmental programs, particularly in the area of healthcare were a focus leading into 2011.

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