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Forever ago and to the future

Well it’s 2014 and looking back at my blog it’s been over a year and a half since I last wrote anything! So much has changed and so much more will be changing….

The largest change is that I am in the final months before my divorce is finalized. Things have been tough but overall it is better that our lives are like this now. I miss my kids dearly but I am much happier not fighting and bickering every day. I know my kids miss me too and I wish I wasn’t so far from them, but I have to believe that they are doing better with their parents not constantly fighting.

During this period I have found solace in my faith and though I haven’t had constant daily quiet time I’ve regularly prayed and taken time to listen to what God would have me do. Attending services at Hope Community church and volunteering has been a great help, but I have found the most joy in actually worshiping in the service while not having to volunteer. Some of these worship services have brought tears of joy and sadness to my eyes. I’ll leave that for another time to talk more about.

Work wise I’ve also made a transitions. I had been with Global Knowledge for the last 8 and a half years and was recruited over to a channel partner of theirs, the National Institute of Training and Education (NITE). Because of delays surrounding the official announcement of the IT Credentialing Initiative from the White House,  NITE was forced to put me on 100% commission which in turn forced me to look for other options for steady income.

The fact that I went on 100% commission, made me look for ways to make money faster than I could with the options available to me through NITE, since booking people into courses that average over three-thousand dollars isn’t something that happens quickly when you are first beginning to build relationships. With the fact that I have ways to make money with my site and with Isagenix, I am focused on building my site, the Isagenix business and looking for work.


I actually started using Isagenix products while I was still at Global Knowledge and was introduced to them by my former coworker and friend Cassie Hall. Cassie and her husband Nathan had been using Isagenix products for several months. Isagenix was transforming Cassie and she had more energy than she had before. I wanted to make sure that the products would help me be less stressed, help me gain lean muscle mass as I was aiming for functional strength. Having used the products for 5 months, my friends and family can attest that I have more energy and I am less stressed! Along with feeling better, gaining muscle mass, and functional strength I am also on track to being able to completely leave corporate America in 18 months!

Until next time – we’ll catch you on the flip-side!


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