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Social Experiment – In search of the names and stories of 8 boys

Have you ever looked at a photograph in a magazine or in an art gallery, seen some unnamed person in the photo, and said to yourself, “I wonder whatever happened to them. I wonder what their story is. I wonder where they ended up?”  I have, ever since I was young I loved going through my grandparents National Geographic magazines and coming up with stories in my head of what happened after the photo was taken. Well, starting today I am endeavoring to take that childhood imagination and put a face to a name and a story to the photo.
Starting September 5th, 2011 I’m embarking on a social experiment to find the names of these 8 boys. This photo was published in the March 1980 Smithsonian magazine and can be found on pages 112-113 in the article titled “Wheels and deals keep California Venice spinning“. The article was written by Charles Lockwood with photographs taken by Chad Slattery.
I know that I could probably go about sourcing this information by contacting the Smithsonian, which would put me in contact with the author and photographer. That doesn’t sound challenging enough. I want to see if all this information can be sourced using online social networks such as: Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Twitter and my website. To accomplish this, I’m going to need your help!  Please re-post this and share this information with everyone that you know through an online network! You can of course know these same people and having personally met them, but I request that you must only share this information online. I am again striving to learn how quickly I can go from not knowing these 8 guys personally, to learning their names, getting an updated photo of them and learning what has occurred in their lives since this photo was taken and published.  Again, if this project interests you, and you would like to help, please contribute and share!
For questions and/or information, please email: domingorogers (at) gmail (dot) com
Here are close ups of each of the boys from left to right:

  • What a cool photo! I lived on Thornton Ave. in Venice with Kevin (photo #2, he’s on the right), Reed McCarty (photo #5) and Thor (photo #6, R) and Bobby, a girl, (photo #6, L). I saw Reed about 7 years ago.

    Christy Simon

    • Thank you so much for your help Christy! Do you by chance have any contact information for Reed McCarty?

  • No, I don’t have contact for Reed. But, I think he may still work for the City Of Santa Monica…If I remember correctly, that’s where he used to work.

  • #1 – Caleb McCarty #2 Kevin Evensen #3 Avery Grant #4 Matt Robbins (possibly) #5 Shawn Lucero #6 Reed McCarty
    #7 Thor Evenson.

    Hope this helps.

    I grew up in Venice in the 70s and 80s – used to be such a cool place. Now it’s a yuppie playground.

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