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From Ponytail to Euro-hawk hairstyle

From Ponytail to Euro-hawk hairstyle from Domingo Rogers on Vimeo.

Here I played around with the features of the video editing software that I use, Vegas Movie Studio HD 10.0  Since I’m your typical male when it comes to trying to learn new technology I’m learning about new features by necessity rather than sitting down and reading through all the information I can find online about using the software.  So far I’ve been really satisfied with the software.  While trying to render this video I did, however, have to deal with our computer shutting down 3 times because the processor was overheating.  My cousin suggested setting up a portable fan and helping to vent it while it was rendering which negated that problem from occurring, which in turn allowed me to render a second time to cut the time of this video from 9+ minutes down to just over 4:30.  Oh, and when you do a time lapse video like this, add the music on your last render when you have your desired video length.  I made the mistake of doing it on my first and thus the music isn’t as cool as the original.  Anyway, I hope you like this movie and if you have any comments or suggestions on making future time lapse videos better please comment!

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