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100DTD Challenge (Physical) – Hitting the reset button

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”  Stephen A. Brennan

Ok, it’s the evening of September 13th and I looking at the clock as I type this.  There are 15 minutes left in this day before we roll into September 14th.  The kids are back in school, we are in our “routine” of getting them up and out the door, and I haven’t been “vigorously” acting on my plan to gain muscle mass and improving my over-all health.

On Saturday, my wife Kelly and I were going over finances on Saturday and it hit me – I’ve been paying what amounts to be $81.50 (this our family membership for 7 people divided by 2) a month for a awesome gym membership and I have hardly used it, outside of going to the pool this past summer, for months!  What a waste of money!!  I have great equipment, great people to work out with – my wife, my buddy Jake, my buddy Russ all work out at the same gym.  But, I haven’t vigorously acted on my commitment, my goal to vastly improve my functional strength, gain healthy muscle mass, and increasing flexibility, while improving my 5K time.  In less words – I have no excuse for my lack of effort!

With my desire to kiteboard, snowboard, rock climb, slack line, sail, bike, move up the ranks in Tang Soo Do I must be a role model to my kids, to other skinny guys out there that even at the age of 30 (going on 31 this January) I can and will achieve the fitness goals!  **One of the ideas I have for my blog is to start posting video clips of me doing some of my work outs and hopefully inspiring some of you**

So looking out for the next 100 days as the clock has just turned to midnight, here is what has been playing in the back of my mind since I last blogged on my 100DTD Challenge (Physical):

  • Starting yesterday (September 13th, 2009) and ending (December 21st, 2009) commences my 100 DTD Challenge (Physical) and my one and only freebie that I am giving myself.
  • Here again I am making the following commitment which will take preparation and planning that I hadn’t put in like I needed to – Here I am committing to:
  • Working out 1 hour a day every day – no excuses

My goals:

    • Build applied strength
    • Increase flexibility
    • Put on muscle mass

I’m not quitting and giving excuses even if I get sick, unless I’m hospitalized, on why I’m not working out in some way or some how for one hour.  With the tv shows that I’m interested in watching this fall, there is no reason for me not to move our couch out of the way and set into one of my Tang Soo Do stances, to work on my legs.  Or, during the commercial breaks break into doing push-ups or using the Iron Gym pull-up bar that Kelly gave me as a gift!  I am on my way to dynamically changing physically and growing as a person!

The one and only reset that I’m allowing myself has been set.  The system has been rebooted and all systems are go.  As you follow me on my #100DTD Challenge what has gotten you up and off your rear into a lasting focused plan for weight loss or weight gain? I look forward to hearing your stories and tips!

Fitness Results for yesterday (13 September 2009)  Kelly and I walked with our oldest son.  I was stoked to see that Kelly improved her time on our walk/jog circuit in our neighborhood by 30 seconds!  I then did sets 6 sets of push-ups (20, 12 , 7) in the regular and wide position.

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