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Great I Have a Blog – Now What?

Shortly after investing in the tools of ProfitLance (a blogging and marketing toolbox I have found extremely helpful) and while I was in the midst of building my blog I quickly learned that traffic is king.  Now mind you, this wasn’t anything different from what John Chow, Michael Dunlop, Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak, Perry Belcher, and David Risley were saying but when you are starting out getting traffic is difficult.  This is especially true if you are doingwriters-block what everyone else is doing and are telling you to do!  So I set out to find a way to get traffic that followed many of the principles that the experts were talking about but in a proven and unique way.

Everyone Is Doing It – That’s the Problem!

Many experts that are in the blogosphere recommend submitting articles to such sites as GoArticles and EzineArticles.  These sites are great, and they have their place, but honestly I was looking for a way to stand out in the crowd.  Why should I submit my articles where everyone was submitting them?  I was looking to build contact lists of unique visitors to my site.  To do that I knew I needed to go against the grain but still find a proven system, just one that hadn’t be worked to death!

Building Your Email List

As I was doing my research on where/how to submit articles I found that Aweber, (a company that I partner with) and iContact are two of the leading companies that can provide a solution of managing the email contact lists that you are building.  But I still had a problem – Where is the benefit to investing in Aweber if I’m not getting traffic?  The answer for me actually was waiting for me as I was looking for products to market through ClickBank.

Getting Quality Traffic to Your Blog

The Directory of Ezines which was created by, my now friend, Charlie Page.  What I found perfect about what Charlie offered was that I could promote products, publish articles and do joint ventures with ezine publishers!  Charlie’s credentials stand on their own power.  He has been teaching people like you and me how to strategically target articles to the right Ezines to promote offers and more importantly how to get the most bang for your advertising dollar.  His resources, if you are truly serious about building your contact list, are worth every penny of the lifetime membership fee!


Since launching my site in July of 2009 I have grown my list of unique visitors by over 535% and I am now on track to see over x,xxx this month alone! If you are like I was, just two short months ago, and starting out as a blogger I will now leave you now with two big tips!

Tip #1 Write unique content and publish through The Directory Of Ezines – Publish where the masses aren’t!

Tip #2  Capture every one of those readers with an opt-in offer with Aweber from the very beginning – Trust me, your bank account will thank you!

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