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Cool Music Videos & Just Cool Videos

Some of you all may know already about the loss of a little life in our extended family.  In this trying time I wanted to start this post of Cool Videos with some inspiring music, music that has lifted my spirits and the spirits of many others.  Also, my wife, was given the link to a video that I feel should be seen by every adult that owns a cell phone with text capabilities, has a teen that owns such a cell or knows of someone who does.

This first video, performed by Chris Tomlin, needs no less of an introduction suffice to say this is his version of Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone).  Enjoy

This second video is performed by a fairly new artist to me, by the name of Mindy Smith.  Today this video and the song, Come To Jesus, meant a lot to me….

Even in hard times there is hope in His arms.

Ok, now for some really cool trailers!  My good friend Jake Carpenter (@jakecarpenter) tweeted this link recently and I feel that it is cool enough to be mentioned here.  This movie is going to be released for standard theater screens and Imax.  Can you guess where I want to be watching Avitar in December?

This next trailer made me so stoked when my brother emailed me.  For those of you who didn’t know me in high school and in college, I was a huge MechWarrior and BattleTech fan (both on the computer and the table top game).  Well without further ado, MechWarrior

And finally the video to make you think about this next week

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