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100DTD Challenge(s)

There are a lot of changes that are going to be taking place within our family over the next week and with those changes are new challenges. Being one to never back down from a good challenge, I’m doing one better and committing to a personal challenge that starts today while helping the kids go back to school and transitioning to no kids at home during the day!  Thus begins what I have coined the 100DTD Challenge (100 Days to Dynamically…).  My 100DTD Challenge(s) are:


100DTD Change My Body

Here I am committing to:

  • Working out 1 hour a day every day – no excuses

My goals:

  • Build applied strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Put on muscle mass

100DTD Change My Spiritual Life

Here I am committing to:

  • Spending a half hour to 1 hour a day in reading the Bible and prayer

My goals:

  • Build Spiritual strength
  • Seek God’s will in earnest
  • Grow closer to my Savior and Creator

You will be able to follow my progress on my 100DTD Change My Body and my 100DTD Change My Spiritual Life.   This will be for my benefit so I can see where I am making progress and where I can do better.  For both Categories comments are welcomed and appreciated!

For my 100DTD…Change My Body I will be recording my workouts and the food that I eat every day.  I’m leaving this very open ended because I am not doing a lot of planning on what workouts I am doing as to not use it as an excuse for not working out.  Suffice to say I will be running, weight lifting, rock climbing, stretching, and practicing Tang Soo Do.  My food recordings starting out will be as precise as possible but I’m not going to get crazy and get all nutritional or anything!  That’s not the way I eat – I eat basically what I want in moderation and this is what will be recorded.  I will also be posting a beginning picture and a picture on day 101.

For my, 100DTD Change My Spiritual Life, I will be recording the passage of scripture that I read and any source material, whether online or as a physical book/article.  Here again I am being very open ended because if I plan this out to much I am probably fall into the excuse of not engaging in a meaningful time of focus on the Word and in prayer.  I plan on providing links to as much as possible on the on my Spiritual food as well.

All of these posts will not be announced through Facebook, Twitter, or FriendFeed.  I do encourage you to follow my progress and to comment on my 100DTD Challenge(s).

Want to join me on a similar journey?  Go to: and sign up for FREE!  Together we can achieve more!!

  • Domingo,

    Congrats on taking the initiative of writing down your goals for the next 100 days.

    I believe this single step will lead you to a successful journey. I look forward to reading your progress specifically about changing your body.


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