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Mafia Wars – A secret about Vern’s Mafia Wars Tool

Thanks to my lovely wife, who also plays Mafia Wars, I found a new use for one of Vern’s Mafia Wars Tools. For more info on using Vern’s bookmarklets see my previous post: Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot

Kelly Rogers

My beautiful wife, Kelly Rogers

The tool I’m actually speaking of is: AttackSpree.  Vern based the AttackSpree bookmarklet on Spockholm’s Attack5 (which was later replaced by AttackX).  In his words, “I wanted to be able to use all of my stamina on an opponent. Also, I wanted better visibility of how my health/stamina/cash/xp were doing so I update those as they change.”  Whether or not Vern intended the tool to be used as I am about to describe, remains to be seen (Vern, your comments are welcome).

While a player is attacking or robbing the player’s character will naturally begin to lose health and stamina.  When a player’s health drops below 20 it is impossible to continue any type of attack or looting action without:

  • A. Visiting the doctor
  • B. Visiting the Godfather and spending your precious gold reward points
  • C. Using a tool similar to Vern’s

What is the secret with Vern’s tool that my wife discovered?

Keep reading!

While in the midst of robbing/looting and as you get down to that lowly figure of 20 health points remaining from either the Fight or Robbing tab simply stop your attack and click on the AttackSpree bookmarklet.  The bookmarklet will go through a simple verification processes and you should see a message that says, “Need to heal before we start;”  followed by “The doctor did good, resuming attack.”  Once you see “The doctor did good” hit the x button in the message window on the right.  Otherwise, if you were originally robbing you will just continue to attack.  Which is fine, you just don’t get as much money!  Obviously if you are only intending to attack that one person go ahead and let the bookmarklet run.

Now here’s the secret!


What happens if you go down below 20 health while you are robbing?  Well if you try to use the AttackSpree bookmarklet under the Robbing tab or the Fight tab you aren’t going to get anything except an annoying message.  But, if you click on Hitlist and then click on the AttackSpree bookmarklet.  Wah-lah!  Full health!

For more secrets like this and other tips be sure to check back often.  Also get your copy of Mafia War Secrets here!

What are you doing to get ahead on Mafia Wars?  Share your tips and trips here and as always your comments are welcome below.

Love your family, watch your enemies, and choose your alliances carefully!

Ciao ~

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