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Mafia Wars Energy – Use it Wisely

In a recent playing of Mafia Wars it was discovered that when using energy packs a lot of energy was going unused because of how close a player was to leveling up in relation to their Experience Points (EP).  Many had been using their energy  at the slow true rate of 1 Energy (E) to 1 EP or a 1:1 ratio.  This was discovered to obviously take takes some time but still usable if the player took a quick look at their profile and did some quick math.  While this was happening, some players had also wondered what the point of having the bosses at the lower levels was, once the player beat the bosses to level up.  In the grand scheme of things it still remains to be seen as to the reason why Zynga designers have allowed players to repeatedly fight bosses that are supposedly kill, but a unique use had also been discovered to use energy in a 1:1 ratio format.boss_unclekiller

Remember Giancarlo Morillo?  If a player is at least at level  18 or higher they should have many of the following items:


With the above items and a little ingenuity, energy points can be used in some interesting ways.

In the search for a way to get the greatest equal E:EP ratio, Giancarlo Morillo, graciously allows Mafia War players to use him as a “whipping post!”   Don’t bother even looking at the bosses at the Associate, Soldier, and Enforcer levels because they don’t offer a higher 1:1 ratio.

By using Giancarlo as a whipping post, a player who is looking for change of pace from the standard jobs and has energy to spare can burn that energy down.  This will allow for the greatest jump up to the next level  by using the many 2:3+ ratio jobs available.  By using this strategy some players have boasted a 73+ start into the next level!

If you have any ideas on using energy wisely in Mafia Wars, please post your comments here to share with others.   Also be sure to check our our sponsor Mafia War Secrets, and thanks!

Love your family, watch your enemies, and choose your alliances carefully!

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