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Mafia Wars – 4th of July Loot

First things first.  Some people have noticed that the links that had been posted in Bobby Heartrate’s Mafia Tools do not work any longer.   For example the “FreeGiftbookmarklet doesn’t work at all and “AttakSpree” was also having some issues if you didn’t update your links since another programer, Vern Hart, updated his bookmarklet script on Friday.  As Vern mentions on his page, “It would appear that Zynga has made more changes that make FreeGift fail, again. I can’t seem to work around it. Don’t ask me when I’ll update it to work. Unless Zynga changes something back, FreeGift is no more.” So until you see an update, here or on Vern’s page, it looks like everyone is going to have to rely on the mafia family to send items that one needs!  Kinda takes one back to those college days when notes of “Send Money” went home with the dirty laundry, doesn’t?

Now on the good stuff!  And yes this comes to press late, but oh well, everyone has until Monday to collect so hopefully this will help some out.

Here is the complete run down of all the items that one can collect as part of the 4th of July Loot!

Loot List:



Flintlock Pistols
14 Attack 6 Defense

4 Attack 16 Defense

33 Attack 7 Defense

25 Attack 5 Defense

17 Attack 13 Defense



Red Coat
8 Attack 32 Defense

Tri-Point Hat
8 Attack 12 Defense

Davey Crockett Hat
21 Attack 9 Defense

Some are posting that the best way to do the “Mugging” (Street Thug Tier) until you get them all.  This as been met with different results across the net.  Many have gone about their business as usual and picked up all if not most of the items listed here.  Yours truly has picked up all but the Cannon.  These results came from a test of using the “Mugging” method with no results, but rather just robbing, fighting, and doing jobs as normal.

Good luck with your looting!

Love your family, watch your enemies, and choose your alliances carefully!

Ciao ~

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