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Mafia Wars – The Inside Story

Welcome to Mafia War Cheats!

Mafia War has truly become a hit as social networking game.  The draw to the game?  Another way to interact in a Web 2.0 environment that allows the players to make insane amounts of money, rob other players, build property and business empires, and kill other players.  In short, anything that you can think the mafia has/can/does participate in – You can do it in zynga’s Mafia Wars!

Ok, enough of an introduction to the game that so many people are already be playing.  Let’s get to highlights, tips and tricks, and things that players from around the globe have found very helpful to survive and thrive in Mafia Wars!

A very basic strategy and fundamental truth in building a Mafia empire is to concentrate on building a strong Mafia family and growing the wealth of that family!  Beyond this basic concept all players should if nothing less bookmark: Top Mafia – Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc –

Free Godfather Points!

If you are looking for Godfather Points there is a one time handout that the Godfather will give you!  Again this is a one time gift from your “Uncle Anthony” so use it carefully (Go to this link and you will receive 5 god father points if you didn’t received it yet) –

This should keep the new player busy for a little bit so until next time, Ciao!

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