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A Witness to the Power of Prayer

Whether you are a follower of Christ or you are one seeking the Truth, the power of prayer, of earnest prayer will transform your life and those around you. It wasn’t until I had hit my personal and spiritual rock bottom did I even begin to understand the power of prayer and the role it would play in my life.

I was, in my opinion, doing pretty well. I had a respectable job, I went to church, I had accepted Christ as my personal Savior when I was 5, had grown up in the church, and I was a decent guy. Yeah, I know I wasn’t perfect, but again – I thought I was doing pretty well. But I was lying to myself and those around me.

Let this be message of hope to you the praying parent, to you the praying spouse, to you the sibling on your knees, to you the friend praying before the Lord – interceding on someones behalf. I am walking testament and there are many others that can attest to their lives being changed l because of prayers such as yours. Do not give up on us. Do not give up on the Lord our God who can do anything! I was steeped in sin and it was through the power of prayer of those Christians that knew of my story and the story of my wife and God using a red fox running across the road to change my life.

  • Thank you for your prayers and the sweet comment! I will keep this in mind!

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