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Monday, 24th of November

Rode into work this morning. Weather report said it was 30 but felt like 35 degrees. I listened to it twice and I beg to differ!!! It was cold! The weather report said it is supposed to rain later this afternoon/evening, so hopefully I’ll dodge it on my way back. It is also supposed to rain tomorrow morning. Ugh!

In the neighborhood that I ride through before getting into the office park there is a little valley and all of the lawns were covered in frost. I hadn’t seen that until today on my commute.

Once I got into the office part the lake was beautiful this morning! With the early morning sun coming through the trees and the steam coming off the lake, it was very picturesque. As I pass the Canadian geese that have made there home here a bunch of them honked as I bothered them in their morning routine.

In closing – I have started a slight cough last night and feel a little off this morning. Hopefully it’s nothing but that will remain to be seen.

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