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“The Faith Sonar” or “New Hope for the Bank”

Well it’s been far too long since the last entry and one may beginning to wonder if this blogger fell of the face of the planet. Not to worry my dear subscribers, *cue the crickets*, but your Entrepreneur is here! Oh well, enough of that and back to business. To remain a work in progress, I fear this blog will begin to become more a tablet of my ponderings and ramblings rather than be an actual well orchestrated editorial piece…perhaps for the better.

With the most recent turn of events, a new opportunity has shown itself and my sense of being has renewed and a brighter hope for the future seems to be rising in the east. A change in jobs, when one is being offered an opportunity to move from one economic status into a new one that results in a positive move I’m sure accounts for much of this. To boot, a territory of Manhattan!! So stoked!

Then there’s the separation from the kids and my wife. Difficult in general and when considered in the evening somewhat depressing. There is hope in knowing this is temporary but hard to bare while hearing my wife’s cry of frustration and the kids cry or say my name. This though, too drives me in my tasks the next day; to provide for them that which I have not been blessed with or been able to in the past. So hope endures as my zeal for wealth and that which it can provide on earth moves forth; yet I remain conscious that it is He that has given me this great opportunity and He that I thank every day.

A search for a place of worship continues…Good to see old “friends” but not challenged nor feel ministered to at Peace or Colonial. So, I pray and search and look forward to making new friends in churches all around the Raleigh area!

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